Buckle up for some seriously jaw dropping scenery when you book a Heartland Helicopter scenic flight, over Weipa and its surrounding areas. This is definitely the best way to see the Red Cliffs south of Weipa, which drop down to azure blue seas, fringed with white sand. Our skilled pilots are licensed and experienced at low level flying, which offers the chance to observe local wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s not unusual for us to see crocodiles, but we’ve also spotted Manta Rays and more. For your convenience we’ve got 6 Weipa helicopter scenic flight options, which range from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Our Weipa helicopter scenic flights are usually provided in our Robinson R44 Clipper II, which can accommodate up to 3 passengers. However, we also have a Bell 206L LongRanger which can carry 6 passengers (weight dependent). Please note we need a minimum number of 2 passengers to operate the scenic flights and prices are per person. Additional information on our Weipa helicopter scenic flights is provided below, or you can contact us on 0428 879 586 or 0427 276 657 or email heli@heartlandhelicopters.com.au

Weipa Helicopter Scenic Flights
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Heartland Helicopters is based at the Weipa Camping Ground and offers a range of scenic helicopter flights. Our experienced pilots have a love for Weipa and are keen to share the highlights of their town and its surrounds with guests. We have headsets with microphones, which enables us to talk to you during the flight and provides you the opportunity to ask questions. Of the 3 helicopters we have in our fleet which are based at the Weipa Camping Ground, we utilise 2 for scenic flights – a R44 Clipper II (which seats 3 passengers) and a Bell 206L LongRanger (which seats 6 passengers) – and will pick the best helicopter for your tour and group. Please note all prices are GST inclusive. Minimum of 2 people to operate the scenic flights and the price shown is per person. All flights are subject to weather conditions.

Please note all prices are GST exclusive – numbers are subject to weight limits and all charters are subject to weather conditions.
Harbour Tour10 mins Weipa Harbour provides a critical gateway connecting the town and country with the Asia Pacific region. Get a birds eye view of this impressive harbour and its port, which handles more than 30 million tonnes of product per annum. $190pp
Mission River15 mins Taking to the air, we head north over the Mission River Bridge, which is the longest single-lane bridge in Australia – coming in at 4,206 feet – before tracking over Red Beach, and the reason for its name will soon be apparent. $250pp
Waldrum Wetlands 20 mins Our helicopter tracks south, flying over Wallaby Island which sits in the channel mouth of the Mission River, and out over the West Coast. We fly over the coastline taking in Waldrum Creek before heading back to Weipa. $310pp
Duyfken Point30 mins This is an extended version of the 15 minute Mission River scenic helicopter flight. It takes in Mission River and its mangrove delta, flys over Red Beach and out to Duyfken Point, which is north-west of Weipa on the Western Cape. $425pp
Red Cliffs40 mins Naure is beautiful! The Red Cliffs south of Weipa contrast with the green vegetation, fringing white beaches and clear blue sea. It’s simply spectacular. Other highlights include Pirra Heads, Amrun Ship Loader and returning along the Hay River. $545pp
Pennefather Beach & River 60 mins Give us 1 hour and we’ll give you a Weipa helicopter scenic flight to remember. We fly first to Duyfken Point, which is north-west of Weipa on the Western Cape, then take in Pennefather Beach and River, before returning over the wetlands of the Pine River. $770pp

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